GCE's technology reduces electrical resistance to almost zero during the charging of a battery, generating close to no heat. This ensures that potential dangerous circumstances such as burns or explosions are eliminated. Minimal heat generated allows the amount of electricity transferred to exponentially increase, thus creating a rapid & safe solution.


The GCE charger can charge all batteries in less than 10 minutes. The world's fastest charging technology is open for commercialization. Founded on the principle that electric power can have a higher output as a result of no heat generated during the charging process. Charging a normal battery can take up to 3 hours while GCE's technology can charge a battery in 10 minutes.


As GCE technology is capable of charging a battery in less than 10 minutes, the amount of electricity to complete a charge is significantly reduced. During testing, electricity costs were reduced by at least 10%. Using electricity more efficiently can result in reducing our global footprint and being more eco-friendly.


Having higher energy density and minimizing battery heat, one can expect more efficient performance from the battery. GCE technology extends the battery life expectancy and increases the durability of the system. Improving the performance of the battery will result in your system to last longer.


The Current Use of Electricity

GCE core technology is System and Method for Delivering Electric Power
based on Electromagnetic Field & Coil System Technology. ​
Our technology is Minimizing more of break off waste during delivering power.
Redefining the wires and coils,
we`ve found a faster & safer way of delivering power.